ZEUS!: ZEUS! (2012)

cod. OFF555007


The Picture Disc Vinyl in limited edition 300 copies, is out NOW!

It is a c(r)o(wd) production by ||| OFFSET – Sangue Dischi – Escape from Today – Shove – Smartz Records |||

The well known ZEUS! band sold out the LPs and we decided to reprint it in a limited edition for their super attak EU tour on wheels that has been amazing! Soon some press stuff from Europe! Stay tuned!

Expectations regarding ZEUS!’ debut album have been finally fulfilled by the overwhelming quality of this recording.

In the past year, whoever has been lucky enough to see them live is spreading the word ever since.

It is one of the most extreme, dirty, sweaty, swashbuckling, uncompromising and utterly oblique albums you’ll ever hear these days. Quoting the band’s own words: [..ZEUS! tends to use the minimum necessary to achieve maximum, which happens to be: non-metal, non-punk, non-math, non-noise, non-prog, non-jazzcore, nor post-whatever. Instead, a sum of micro-compositions belonging to our times, picasso-esque and thoroughly psychodelic, because melodies of a certain kind set the mind free from the chains of social structure that bind us.]

To try and explain why this recording has more than an edge over is something quite complicated, so let the interest generated in Chris Cutler (who chose one track off their debut album for a compilation released through RéR Records) speak for itself.

Maybe it’s only that they don’t give two fucks about rules, and damn they can play!

Their bass-drum formula incorporates high-pitched vocals in the vein of the most rotten old-school grindcore (from which they borrow also a bit of its refined aesthetics, see cover artwork for further details), and a brief series of schizoid intervals to help the listener try and take a breath of fresh air between an ear-crushing massacre and another.

They disintegrate.