Paolo Angeli / Takumi Fukushima: ISTUNOMANIKA (2011)

CD Digipack w/ReR Megacorp
cod. OFF555003




Paolo and ex-After Dinner/Volupuk violinist/singer Takumi Fukushima present an integrated, complex and largely composed programme of deft, focused pieces that make the most of their not inconsiderable individual talents and instruments; mostly sounding like a much larger ensemble.

The sonorities of Paolo’s extended, customised, prepared giant Sardinian guitar doing extraordinary, and sometimes chameleontic, work as bass, chord accompaniment, melody instrument, viola/cello, and even percussion.

There are some palpable After Dinner atmospheres here, but mostly the music occupies its own ambiguous, though convincing, cultural space.

High definition, highly nuanced work.

Hard to believe these are concert recordings.