Okapi and Aldo Kapi’s Orchestra: LOVE HIM VOL.2 EARLY (1914-1926) (2009)

VINYL 10” 180gr
cod. OFF555102

Artwork: Camilla Falsini
Executive Producer: Cristian Scarola (Scarrymonster)

Okapi’s latest album, Love Him, is quirky, whimsical and brings a fresh ear and direction to experimental music. While other “artists” like Pitbull are using played out samples from number one hits over the last 10 years, Okapi is reinventing the use of the sample. He picks up where Pizzicato Five left off in the ’90s with the shibuya-kei movement by creating a truly “New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular.”

Okapi is Filippo Paolini, an Italian turntablist and sample cutup artist whose talent could fuel the next three volumes of Scratch documentaries. He combines and transforms samples of techno, glitch, 8-bit, jazz horns and piano to create a soulful landscape of light and airy tones similarly to Kid Koala. Okapi sounds like a mix of samba and bossa nova in 50 years when everything is operated by computers.

Low frequency buzzes replace the Chocalho and backwards cymbal hits replace the Tan Tan. To put it plainly, if you like sonically elegant and eccentric music then Okapi will be playing repeatedly on your stereo for the next few weeks; but if you fear the unfamiliar, I warn you now this album isn’t for the faint of heart. (URB MAGAZINE)