Released March 29, 2013


LP 12” ltd. edition Black / Colored vynil 180gr.

Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies
(400 x Black & 100 x transparent green).
Includes a full color insert


1. Sun 05:08
2. Moon 07:29
3. Mars 06:16
4. Mercury 04:41
5. Jupiter 05:18
6. Venus 07:24
7. Saturn 03:34

LP track-listing
A. Sun / Moon / Mars
B. Mercury / Jupiter / Venus / Saturn


De Zan, Rocchetti, Biondetti, Pilia

Recorded by Giovanni Frezza, In Zaire
Mixed by Bruno Germano, In Zaire
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork by Fred Par Kraat
Art producer – In Zaire

Executive Producer:
Cristian Scarola for Offset Records

(P) Offset Records + (C) Offset Records & In Zaire

Released by
Tannen, Offset, Sound of Cobra.


“At first it may seem like a sonic foray into well known territory: a guitar, drums and bass driven ride into psychedelic landscapes – colorful and mind-expanding. And if you’re looking for some lysergic adventures this is your ticket! But even though “White Sun Black Sun” is obviously and deeply rooted in the ongoing history of electrified rock-n-roll-to-blow-your-head-off (i.e. from Ash Ra Temple and Hawkwind to Up-Tight) In Zaire reach way beyond this admirable approach and successfully aim for more. The music’s taking cues from electric Blues, the aforementioned LSD-drenched Psychedelia, high-octane Japrock and edgy Post-Punk – there’s even some Funk thrown in for good measurement. So, turn it on and tune in and find yourself immersed in a universe of sound that consists of bizarre tones and beautiful noises circling around like planets – each one unique, different and magnificent.”