12” VINYL 180gr Gatefold
cod. OFF555012


Utopie e piccole soddisfazioni (2012) is Bologna Violenta’s third album.

Unlike his former works, it contains no reference to movies whatsoever, concentrating instead on music and the intense sensations it can give the listener.

Twenty-one tracks that spring from personal experiences, from times of great distress and other times when everything seems shrouded in a veil of irony that often conceals deep truths.

In this album the trademark Bologna Violenta sound is accompanied by string orchestras, that alternate sparkles of tremendous intensity to more traditionally grotesque and noisy bits.

It starts off with a pounding and melancholic musical commentary to the end of year speech of a former President of the Republic and immediately afterwards, it plunges the listener into a sonic environment that blends traditional polish folk songs with the deepest electro, that harmonizes 80s-style punk-hardcore with eastern Europe orchestras, that setsBenedictine monks’ choirs as a counter-alter to the anguished cries of tortured people.

Very few words are employed in the whole album: the great utopias that move the world and the human spirit are ridiculed by the distinct feeling that in the end small everyday satisfactions are what makes our life better.

This album features some special guests, among which J. Randall, singer in the american bandAgoraphobic Nosebleed and label-manager of Grindcore Karaoke (a label that is shaping up a whole new grind scene) and Aimone Romizi from Fast Animals And Slow Kids, voice in the cover Valium Tavor Serenase by CCCP (a tribute to the punk scene in Bologna in the 80s and a mockery of that so called “normality” that makes men mediocre, nowadays just like thirty years ago).

Utopie e piccole soddisfazioni represents a turning point in the artistic evolution of the project and at the same time it confirms its original intentions: making serious music that bluntly strikes the soul of the listener.